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                     تحميل برنامج Screenshot Captor

Screenshot Captor

Screen capture Captor is intended for snatching heaps of screen captures with insignificant intercession. It has incredible multi-screen support and incorporates a full picture wayfarer with full shell usefulness. The application additionally has great coordination with outside devices, for example, realistic editors, and watermarkers. Screen capture Captor likewise underpins a few impacts that are not seen in comparative catch instruments, including the capacity to consequently find and upgrade the dynamic window. The application supports bunches of picture catch strategies, including full screen, multi-screen workspace, subjective locales, fixed estimated territories, or gdi objects. It underpins gif, png, jpg, tiff and other prominent arrangements. Screen capture Captor has more than the typical clipping alternatives, and along these lines, the interface can appear somewhat occupied and a touch overpowering from the start. Try not to stress, there is an exhaustive Help doc accessible to help individuals find out about the various instruments in the application. What truly makes this application stand out from the group is the post-catch includes that offer one of a kind altering devices. For example, you can add enhancements to the screen capture to make it increasingly hazy, add subtitle content to the picture, alter hues, embed shadows, make a fringe around the picture or transfer it. By and large Screenshot Captor is a strong apparatus that is anything but difficult to learn, has some extraordinary highlights and impacts devices, it is lightweight and has a little impression. What more would you be able to request?
Screen capture Captor is a device that can make the entire screen catching methodology a breeze, offering numerous extraordinary highlights that can improve your work process. Since the market as of now has heaps of comparable apparatuses, Screenshot Captor utilizes another methodology and attempts to pull in new clients by offering them something other than basic cutting instruments. Snappy arrangement and interface The establishment procedure you are required to experience does not take extremely long, seeing it doesn't offer you to download any outsider items. Fundamentally, squeezing "Next" is the main thing you are required to do. Screen capture Captor's interface may be somewhat overpowering from the start, yet that happens simply because the application has such a large number of devices. Exhaustive documentation is accessible to help individuals figure out how it functions. Take different sorts of previews Taking a screen capture can be clearly done by utilizing some predefined easy routes yet in a similar time, the client additionally has the alternative to transform them with some progressively helpful key blends. This implies you can without much of a stretch get the whole workspace, the present screen, the dynamic window, a fixed size or a chose locale, and you can essentially rehash the last size and position. Altering alternatives and transferring the came about things to the Internet Although it completes a truly great job with taking screen captures, the application exceeds expectations in the post-catching section, offering a lot of altering apparatuses that could come in very convenient. For instance, you can add enhancements to the screen capture you simply made and make it increasingly foggy, add inscription content to the picture, change hues, embed shadows, make an outskirt around the picture or even transfer it on the Internet. End and execution To total up, it is protected to state that this utility truly improves the screen catching undertakings and gratitude to a strong component pack will without a doubt address the issues even of the all the more requesting clients. The PC's presentation won't be influenced, and our tests did not uncover any blunders or hangs. Screen capture Captor Portable is, as the name obviously proposes it, the compact partner of this utility which you can use without experiencing the establishment procedure.

- معلومات حول البرنامج
 . لا يقيدك Capture Capture على بعض الميزات لإضافة نص أو تعليقات توضيحية أخرى إلى لقطاتك.  الصور الملتقطة. ولقطة الشاشة.
مميزات عديدة في هذا البرننامج المعلاق للقطات الشاشة
البرنامج قد يكون سهل جدا في عملية التثبيت
البرنامج مجاني ويمكنك تثبيته في غضون ثوانٍ لقطة الشاشة متوافقة مع أي إصدار من Windows ، من Win 95 إلى Win 8 ، ولا تطلب الكثير من الموارد.
 يمكن العثور على خيارات الالتقاط المتاحة في قائمة Capture ، على واجهة البرنامج ، ولكن يمكنك أيضًا النقر بزر الماوس الأيمن فوق رمز علبة النظام الخاص بها للكشف عن نفس الخيارات. 

1-البرنامج يشتغل علي جميع الاجهزة 
2-البرنامج يشتغل علي جميع اصدرات الوندوز 
3-البرنامج مساحته لا تزيد عن 8 ميجا
4-يشتغل البرنامج علي الاجهزة الضعيفة

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